The OneNote Success Secrets

What if you could capture any information easily, find information quicker, reduce email clutter and the papers on your desk?  Now you can...
  • Combine Notes With Documents, Spreadsheets Or Pictures: Keep your extra information with your documents ... you stay organized with any file or project
  • Categorize Information Easily: Find what you need quickly by it's importance or by the type of idea it is which means you can retrieve everything faster
  • Multiple Sections And Pages: Keep everything separate but organized so you can you can easily go to a section based on any topic you create
  • Shareable Notebook: Share your notes with a team or group of people so you can collaborate in real time with others and benefit from the input of others
  • ​Capture Emails To Store With Notes: Keep key emails with your notes or documents in onenote so you can you can get rid of the clutter in your inbox and move emails to where they belong within your project or work notebooks
  • Microsoft OneNote, The Basics This step-by-step, in-depth online training helps you to see what OneNote is and how you can use it in your daily life at work (and at home).  Find out how to create a OneNote notebook and all your choices around where to store that notebook (so you can access on any device, anytime).
  • ​​OneNote Anatomy and Entry Learn about sections and pages within notebooks and how they can keep you ultimately organized. Discover the ease of adding text, notes and pictures within any notebook.
  • Inserting Information and Links Find out how to insert documents, emails, web references and much more, into any notebook. Create links to anything and everything so that you are one click away from the information you need.
  • ​Organizing and Sharing Discover the power of Tags within notebooks so that you can retrieve a list of To-Do's in seconds or find out all those important notes you highlighted in that last meeting. Learn more about navigation, notifications and sharing notebooks.

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The Ultimate Guarantee

If you apply The OneNote Success Secrets training and don't feel you've received great value, just email within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund.
Every minute you wait to get "The Microsoft OneNote Success Secrets" is another minute you will continue to struggle and be confused on how to communicate, collaborate and meet effectively.. Put the power of "The Microsoft OneNote Success Secrets" to work for you so you can quickly and easily organize information, create an all-in-one system, and share information with others as you need to!  There will be less need for email, lists, papers, stickies and paper notebooks, once you implement the OneNote Success Secrets.

What Satisfied Customers are Saying

"I will say that I’ve been through a lot of different situations setting up this business over the last 2 ½ yrs… it was so refreshing to work with someone who really knew what they were doing plus didn’t waste time, dragging it out to cost more money. "
  - Kathy P. Edmonton
"I love how informative you are when your teaching! You go out of your way to show us additional tips and tricks."
  - Megan U. Surrey
This price includes 1 user license and 3 months access to this course.  
Course includes videos to watch, notes to download and practices exercises as applicable.
During the 3 months you can watch and rewatch lessons as often as you wish.
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