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The Microsoft Teams Success Blueprint
($497 $147 - limited time offer)
How to Triple Your Team's Productivity with Microsoft Teams

25+ Year Technology Expert Reveals The Secrets To Getting Your Team Confident With Microsoft Teams So That You Can Finally Save Time, Have ONE Place To Access Information, Create A More Engaged Team And Work Smarter.

Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft Teams So You Can Work Better Together, No Matter Where You Are...

The Perfect training for small businesses, or organizations that need to share information, work collaboratively and have remote meetings.

Dear Business Owner or Manager,

Is your Team struggling to fully understand and utilize Microsoft Teams?

Do you feel disorganized because there are so many places to look for communication; email, texts, computer file, WhatsApp, etc?

Are you frustrated because not everyone seems to be on the same page, you're disconnected? 

Are you tired of having too many places to look for everything and having to ask for information to be resent?
Are you frustrated that this is costing your business or organization a lot of Time and Energy?

If you’d known you’d spend all this time trouble shooting with every single person on your team, or worse yet having to hire the Tech Guy to come in and get everyone setup, you’d of opted for the old fashion Telephone meeting…

This is how I felt when we first adopted Microsoft Teams.

No matter how much googling you do, or articles you read, there doesn’t seem to be a clear path.

Maybe you are about to give up because of the time it is taking to get everyone on board .

Maybe you are frustrated with the lack of communication flow .

You are not alone.

I get you.

I was ready to just move on …

Until one day, when I was working with my Team in Teams one more time I realized the secret… the design of it all. And with trial and error, implementation and demonstration this path became the best way to harness the Power Microsoft Teams so that we could double or even triple the staff's productivity...

Imagine If...

  • You and everyone else on the team can have timely information ...
  • ​There is rapid resolution of client (or member) issues...
  • Innovative insights from others on your team lead to transforming your next project...
  • ​You don't have to worry about missing something and triple checking all emails and texts.
  • ​There is follow up and accountability systems in place.
  • ​Remote meetings with everyone is a breeze and everyone’s present and connected...
  • Collaboration is natural because everyone has easy access to the Information they need...
  • ​You and everyone else Saves hours off the week because no one is tirelessly searching for information or forwarding information multiple times...
  • ​The Team is energized, getting more done, and happier...
  • ​There is harmony among the staff because of Teams...

Connie Clark

Founder of Mission Computers Inc. Teaching and consulting on technology and computers since 1991.

I have taught over 10,000 students and have spent close to 26,000 hours in the classroom in a teaching or consulting role. I teach beginners and continue to train them up to perform expert level tasks using many different programs.  
One of the most popular and much needed tools used today is Microsoft Teams. I use it on a daily basis and have helped my clients utilize Teams not only to save valuable time, but to improve employee confidence and performance.

I help my clients master the technology so that they can increase efficiency within operations, leading to a more successful business practice.


The Teams Success Blueprint

A Comprehensive online training program that takes you through the setup, design and usage of Microsoft Teams.

Everything You Need To Know To Double Or Triple Your Staff's Productivity With Microsoft Teams ...

The Perfect training for small businesses, or organizations that need to share information, work collaboratively and have remote meetings.

What This Training Means For You...

Faster Decision Making
 Understanding Teams will help you make better decisions because you will have all the information you need from everyone on the team available to you as soon as they complete it. There will be no waiting for an email to come in or double checking to see who hasn't sent their information yet. Everything will be collected in 1 place.

Saving time
 You will save time because you will not have to search through countless email chains to find everyone's contribution and then piece
together a unified answer.  Using Teams will keep everyone organized and efficient.  Knowing how to use Teams effectively means you will spend less time struggling with the Technology and spend more time focusing on the work that makes you money.
Working Better Together
With Teams everyone can work on the same document at the same time.  You do not have to get lost in the multiple versions of files. You and your Team will be able to view and edit the same Word or Excel files (at the same time).
There will be 1 place for chats (not multiple text strings or email chains).  Calendars, files, notes and meetings all together.
...and much more

You'll Learn How To...

  • Build a shared filing and information system that is easily accessible and secure.
  • Avoid implementation mistakes so that you have a system that is adopted and used by the Team.
  • ​Run effective remote meetings so that everyone has all the information they need at the right time.
  • ​Simplify your communications with your Team so that you are not bogged down with full inboxes and unread text messages.
  • ​Organize your Team with information and tasks.
  • Create a system for accountability and transparency.
  • ​Save hours on your week because of the productivity tips and tools available to you.
  • ​Let go of bad habits that cost you time and money and embrace new habits that create a stronger team and more efficiencies overall

Here's What Our Customers Say...

Connie knows the programs in great detail and is effective in her instruction. She is clear and precise, and the flow of the training is smooth and logical. I will always sign up for training with Connie as she goes above and beyond the basic level of training and customer service.   
- Shawna M.

I have already learnt so much from Connie. I have seen other teachers try & teach me stuff on the computer but never got the hang of it because they went way too fast for me to understand what they were saying. With you it’s so easy to learn.  You are patient, you say it in a language I can understand. It’s not this computer mumbo jumbo words. I feel so relaxed when I am listening to you.  
- Rani S.

Connie is highly collaborative, open minded, service oriented and able to customize to meet the needs of the learning group. We thought it was going to be much harder than it was but the content and exercises were delivered in an impactful way – practical, progressive and digestible.
- Kim F.

What's Inside The Teams Success Blueprint Project

Module 1: Teams Step 1

In this training, you learn what Microsoft Teams is and how it works together with other powerful Microsoft Apps.  You will also create your First Team and setup all your devices so they are ready for Teams.
At the end of this lesson you will have Teams ready to go and a plan for your Teams.

Module 2: Teams Success Formula

In this training, you learn how to navigate easily within Microsoft Teams. You will learn how to invite members to a Team (internally & externally).  You will discover the best practices for setting up Channels and Chats. And you will learn about uploading and sharing files and information with others on your Team.

Module 3: Seamless Integration

In this training, you learn how to integrate SharePoint sites with Microsoft Teams. And you will find out how you can connect OneDrive and other external storage systems like Dropbox or iCloud, etc.

Module 4: Effective Meetings in Teams

In this training, you learn how set up and run an effective meeting in Microsoft Teams. You will find out how to invite others internally or externally (Guests) to a meeting.  You will learn the difference between a meeting in a Chat and a Channel and why one is better than another. You will also discover the best ways to take meeting notes and record meetings so that everyone has access before, during and after the meeting.
Special Bonus #1 - 7 Tips for Going Paperless with OneNote 
This Downloadable gives you the secret to creating a system of notes which helps you access anywhere, anytime and on any device and be organized with all your thoughts, lists and notes..
Special Bonus #2 -  Transition Guide
This Downloadable is the secret for you to create a plan for changing your filing systems which enables you to avoid creating a complicated system that no one can understand and set up a meaningful system that helps your organization / company.
Special Bonus #3 - Teams Transformation Checklist
This checklist holds the secret to create a list of processes & technologies to be replaced by Teams which lets you make the jump to a new cohesive system and get rid of bad habits.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with Training and Resources provided, send us an Email within 30 days and we will Refund your purchase.

Here's What Our Customers Say...

Connie has a friendly welcoming teaching style. The workbook material is well laid out and easy to follow along. Love the ability to have a online training session. Topics covered and “homework” given was just enough to not feel overwhelmed. Looking forward to the next sessions.
- Lisa D.

Since the training we’ve collaborated more as a team. We now understand the power of the program. We are now more efficient in how we share information by eliminating the duplication of work which has happened amongst our team in the past. Efficiency saves time and money.
Overall we had a very positive experience and our team has put to use the strategies taught during the training sessions.
- Andre M.

This Course With All Bonuses Is Available For A Limited Time ...  Act Now, Before It Is Too Late.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Teams Success Blueprint

How much time is required?

The amount of time required is up to you. The modules are broken into lessons which are 10 to 30 minutes long. You can spend 10 minutes a day on this training or you can spend a lot longer. We recommend pacing yourself so that you can keep up the momentum and still get your regular work done. The more time you put in to learning and doing what is required (each day or each week), the faster you will reach the results that you want.

Are there prerequisites or experience required?

You should have some computer experience and be comfortable in general with Microsoft products. You do not need any experience with Microsoft Teams. We will start you from scratch and help you understand and use it so that you can get the most out of it.

Do I need an IT or Technical person to do this course?

Not necessarily. This answer depends on how complicated you want to make your Teams system. If your IT department or company is admin of your Microsoft Teams then they should be consulted of your training and they should ensure you have the proper access and rights to Teams. It never hurts to have a Technical person available for the tough questions of security or infrastructure. But what we teach in this course is all meant to be stuff the average computer user can do for themselves.

Is there homework?

Yes, most definitely there is. You will have the homework necessary to build your Teams system. This is exciting because you get to create something that will work in your world. It will be custom tailored for you and your company/organization and it will be customized by you.

How fast can I expect to see results?

This relates back to how much time is required and the homework. You will get results faster if you put more time in to learning and do the homework that is required.

How long can I keep it for?

You can access the training at anytime for up to 3 months. If you need longer you can arrange an extension with us. We want you to be successful and we want you to finish.

How will I access this training?

You will assess the training via a website portal. Once you enroll you will receive an email invitation and a password for logging in. Click on the link in the email to get to the training portal, then enter your username (email) and password).

Do I need to have a special program?

You will need to have the Microsoft Teams program. This program is included in the following Microsoft 365 license plans: Business Essentials, Business Premium, or Enterprise E1, E3, E4, E5. At the time of this writing these are the versions required.

Here's What Our Customers Say...

As a result of working with Connie, as a Team, we have all collectively learned new skills, have gotten more organized, and have learned to use our new "tools" to make our work more efficient. Connie is extremely skilled in her field and has many great suggestions for improving overall proficiency. She is energetic, fun and encouraging... 
 - Roberta H.

The Teams Success Blueprint

  • Microsoft Teams, What You Absolutely Need to Know, Video Training Course. ($97 Value)
  • Step by Step Training Workbook for Teams Step 1, the Basics. ($21 Value)
  • Teams Planning Worksheet ($12 Value)
  • Teams Success Workbook on Teams navigation, chats, channels, sharing. ($21 Value)
  • Seamless Integration with Teams and Files on SharePoint and OneDrive, Video Training Course ($97 Value)
  • Step by Step Training Workbook for Teams Seamless Integration. ($21 Value)
  • Template for organizing your files in SharePoint or OneDrive ($17 Value)
  • Comprehensive Guide to Effective Meetings in Microsoft Teams, Video Training Course. ($97 Value)
  • Step by Step Training Workbook for Teams Meetings. ($21 Value)
  • Effective Meetings Checklist. ($12 Value)
  • BONUS 1: 7 Tips for Going Paperless with OneNote E-Book ($47 Value)
  • BONUS 2: Transition from the Computer to the Cloud Guide ($17 Value)
  • BONUS 3: Teams Transformation Checklist ($17 Value)

Total Value = $497

Today's Price = $147

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