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Do you want to understand Microsoft Teams better but without all the 'techie stuff'? Do you find it a bit overwhelming and want to just get to all that you really need to know?  Now you can...
  • Microsoft Teams, What You Absolutely Need to Know, Video Series. ($87 Value) This step-by-step, in-depth online training helps you to understand how it all works and what it looks like as a whole.  Find out all the essential parts of Teams; Chats, Channels, Files, Searches. Figure things out much faster so can communicate your ideas to the team instantly.
  • The Seamless Integration System ($57 Value) This step-by-step training holds the keys for integrating your storage systems, group calendars and emails.  Also learn about how to easily collaborate with others on your Excel spreadsheets and Word documents..
  • ​Comprehensive Guide to Effective Meetings in Microsoft Teams ($47 Value) This step-by-step, in-depth online training is the secret to joining meetings in Teams and knowing your way around those online meetings..

Total Value: $191
But today, you're getting all of this...


What Satisfied Customers are Saying

"I will say that I’ve been through a lot of different situations setting up this business over the last 2 ½ yrs… it was so refreshing to work with someone who really knew what they were doing plus didn’t waste time, dragging it out to cost more money. "
  - Kathy P. Edmonton

ONE TIME OFFER: Running the TEAMS App from Your iPhone $27. A mini course on how to use Teams, navigate, run meetings, and join a meeting all from your iPhone..

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The Ultimate Guarantee

If you apply The Teams Essentials training and don't feel you've received great value, just email within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund.
Every minute you wait to get "The Microsoft Teams Essentials" is another minute you continue to struggle and be confused on how to communicate, collaborate and meet effectively. Put the power of "The Microsoft Teams Essentials" to work for you so you can quickly and easily communicate easily online, create online meetings that are as good or better than face to face meetings, and share information with the team easily!
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